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golden goose recently launched a new golden app called golden goose, it can interact with physical clothing such as sweatshirts. Today, golden goose officially launched the use of golden goose technology NBA jersey, through the jersey, smart phone devices, golden goose iOS application integration, which products can help the wearer real-time personalized experience. It is reported that the series jersey will be on September 29 sale, to achieve the jersey and digital technology innovation combined.golden goose outlet,Golden goose members can trigger the golden goose logo on the jersey tag by matching smartphone devices to get more exciting content while opening a unique experience with exclusive, personalized content. So how do we use this can be connected to the NBA jersey? First of all we can through different channels, the use of “golden goose” technology to buy a new golden gooseNBA jersey. Then, download golden goose App on your iPhone. Third, open the golden goose App on the smartphone device. Then, in the application to open the state, with the phone touch the golden gooseNBA jersey subscript, in fact, golden goose icon embedded NFC chip, the chip can help the wearer real-time access to team and player information. And the official cooperation with the NBA officially began, Nike and fans in the interaction of generous – golden goose technology. For this new technology is the Nike and NBA hand to give fans a gift to judge, Mark Parker agreed. Although, for fans, the use of this new “black technology”, may come up with real money. The use of this new technology is not complicated, with mobile phone scanning built-in chip jersey, and then through the golden goose this APP, you can watch the jersey corresponding to the players and the team inside and outside the real-time trends. Overall, the APP and the current NBA team’s official APP function and content is roughly the same. But for Nike, with the subsequent development and upgrading, golden goose will be their interaction with consumers an important channel of interaction.

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